About Us

The FICA (Fast and Instant Cure Waterproofing Association) is an association of Waterproofing Manufacturers and Roofing Distributors and Approved Roofing Contractors who are committed to find waterproofing Systems and methods of Application which are more suitable to the UK weather conditions.

In particular the FICA will focus on the Speed of Application of waterproofing and the Speed of Cure Time and Speed of “Rain Proof Time” of waterproofing systems, to enable UK Roofing and Waterproofing Contractors to have a range of waterproofing systems that can be applied from -30 degrees C to +50 degrees C and at cure times from 1 Second to 2-4 hours

OBJECTIVES OF FICA (Fast and instant Cure Waterproofing Association)

The FICA has been created to promote initially the existing technology of Fast and Instant Cure Waterproofing Systems already manufactured by its Founder Members and to increase Site Productivity of Roofing Works by promoting the technology of Jet Rollers , Airless Spray , Hot Spray Polyurea and Robotics for larger flat roofs.

In addition many of its Members are starting to exploit the use of Drones to conduct roofing surveys.

The Manufacturing Founder Members are committed to finding even faster cured Roofing Systems suitable for the UK weather conditions.

This increase in site productivity along with a range of Waterproofing Systems which have improved Cure Times and reduced “Rain Proof “ times and a new generation of Cold Applied Polyurea and BBA Approved Hot Spray Polyurea Roofing Systems with Instant Cure properties will REVOLUTIONISE the application of Waterproofing in the UK.


How To Join FICA

The FICA welcomes enquiries from experienced Roofing Contractors and Roofing distributors who share the vision of high technology flat roofing.

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Instant Cure Contractors

Every Instant Cure Contractor is approved by the FICA and all of them have attended a professional training course on the use and application of Polyurea Hot Spray.

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Fast Cure Contractors

Every FICA Fast Cure Roofing Contractor is committed to trying to improve the speed of Cure Time of the Liquid Waterproofing Seamless Coating.

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