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FICA Marketing Manager:  Graham Howard

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BREAKING NEWS   – The Founders of the FICA have just announced that they have commenced the most Innovative Development Projects

1   Development of a unique Primer which is made from a Hydrophilic Polyurethane or a Hydrophilic Polyurea.

The Objective of this Research is to find a Primer which can be applied to a damp or wet roof  -like a damp or wet old bitumen or mastic asphalt roof.  The problem of roofs in the UK is that the old bitumen / mastic asphalt roofs are always wet in the morning -and it would be a real innovation to develop a Primer that has an affinity for water.

Development of a new “Ghost- Buster“

When Dr Roy Jenkins was the MD of Icopal he invested a great deal of time trying to develop a “Ghostbuster“ – a hot air dryer which could be used to dry off Roofs in the UK – so that a new waterproofing can be applied without the use of a Gas Blow Torch to dry the roof.  This Research will be a major focus for the FICA